Queensland Blue Grass

Queensland Blue Couch: For a Low Maintenance and Beautiful Lawn

Whether you’re building a new property or looking to show your home some extra care, investing in Queensland Blue Couch turf will add beauty and value to your home and garden. This native grass varietal remains one of the top choices for homeowners and property owners around the country, as it’s suited to warmer regions and is able to adapt to the harsh environment and climates that our region can offer.

Queensland Blue Couch is a soft grass, and as its name suggests has a soft blue/green leaf, which ensures your lawn will be a stand out. If you’d like to know more about Queensland Blue Couch and the benefits it can have on your home or commercial property, contact the team at Pottsville Turf today.

What you need to know about Queensland Blue Couch

This native grass comes with many useful and beneficial qualities, such as:

  • Drought Tolerant: as it adapts to the harsh Australian climates, this native can withstand droughts and easily recover with a light water.
  • Beautiful Colour: the soft blue/green colour this turf offers is one that will make your garden truly unique.
  • Grows Best in Full Sun: this turf requires 6 to 7 hours of direct sun per day to ensure maximum growth.
  • Weed Tolerant: this native grass is resistant to disease and weed invasions, so your lawn stays looking beautiful for longer.

As well as offering a whole host of benefits, this lawn can also be easily manicured for use as a bowling green and offers a great surface to entertain on, relax on and a hardy area to play with the kids.

If you’re interested in Queensland Blue Couch, or in any of our other varietals such as Soft Leaf Buffalo, contact us for more information.

Contact us about your turf needs

Queensland Blue Couch turf comes in a range of sizes and can suit most any home or commercial property on the NSW far north coast. To discuss your options, your budget and your turf needs, then don’t hesitate to contact Pottsville Potts today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, while being able to come to you at a time that suits your schedule. We’ll also provide expert advice about the aftercare of your lawn, so it stay looking impeccable.

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